about us

Superl Furniture (Qingyuan) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Superl Group. Superl Group is one of the world largest OEM factory of luxury handbag manufacturers and has more than 10 factories in southern China, the Philippines and Cambodia with over 40,000 workers and staff. In 2009, the Group has invested over hundred million dollar RMB to start up Superl Furniture (Qingyuan) Limited. We deployed foreign advanced equipment and technology and at the same time modified the equipment to adopt to our very own designed production lines. As a result, we successfully applied electrostatic powder coating technology to wooden furniture and created a new era of "mass production" in powder coating furniture. We began to supply the world's largest home brand (Sweden) in the same year.

Development progress

  • 2009

    Leveraging on decades of Superl Group’s manufacturing experience, and through investing tremendous efforts in R&D to re-invent the powder coating production process together with investing large amount of capital to acquire foreign machineries, Superl successfully pioneered the mass production techniques and process of powder coating on wooden furniture – we were the first manufacturer in the industry to have achieved such technical breakthrough!

  • 2010

    Superl Qingyuan factory no. 1 and no. 2 powder coating lines started manufacturing; established a long-term relationship with the world's largest furniture retailer

  • 2011

    Another major technical breakthrough: Superl overcame the moisture absorption problem of MDF, therefore making it realistically feasible to use MDF furniture in moist environment like bathroom and kitchen; the moisture resistance performance of our powder-coated wooden furniture is better than any other traditional coatings like lacquer or UV Superl received the Hong Kong Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award.

  • 2013

    Expanded factory and warehouse by12,000 square meters. Gross factory area reached 27,600 square meters

  • 2014

    Superl Qingyuan factory no. 3 and no. 4 powder coating lines officially began production

  • 2016

    Production capability expanded with annual production of 2 million pieces of furniture (about 20 million square meters)

  • 2017

    Established long-term strategic partnerships with a leading Danish design brand and a number of well-known office furniture brands Expanded warehouse area by 6,000 square meters; total plant area reached 33,600 square meters Launched anti-microbial powder-coated wooden furniture products

  • 2018

    Major technical breakthrough: Powder coating can now be successfully applied on the particle board

  • 2020

    Expanded cross-border e-commerce business, with self-operated e-commerce business launched in mainstream e-platform in USA Expanded warehouse area by 2,000 square meters; total plant area reached 35,600 square meters

  • 2015

    Made further facility investments to improve stability of the plant’s electricity supply, therefore allowing FOUR powder coating lines to fully operate at the same time

Reasons for choosing Superl Powder Coating

  • Technology

    Leadership in the industry.

    Experienced and well developed production lines.

    Precision R&D creates high standards of product performance

  • Partnership

    The world's largest furniture brand long-term cooperative partner

  • Background

    Superl Group is one of the world largest OEM factory of luxury handbag manufacturers. The Group has more than 10 factories in southern China, the Philippines and Cambodia. Over 40,000 workers and staff.

    Offices located in New York, Hong Kong and Dongguan(China).

    The factories are all over Southeast Asia and China.

  • Product

    Moisture and water resistant, wear/scratch resistant, non-toxic, heavy metal free, no VOC / HAP substances released.

  • Policy

    Our products comply with the national "13th Five-Year plan" to promote the application of new environmentally-friendly materials and recyclable materials policy.